Using Social media to improve student’s learning

Today, both social media and technology have become an indispensable part of our lives. Every individual who is above 13 years of age will have access to any of the social media networks like Facebook or Instagram. Different students are using various online tools to cater to different requirements.


However, we must ask: how is social online networking useful to students? There is no doubt that social media and education goes hand in hand these days and social media can help to fill the gaps in learning, if used in the correct way.

Let’s have a look at some of the educational benefits of social media:

  1. Easier and faster communication

The biggest advantage of social media is better communication. A student can connect with any one at any point in time. If the student is stuck to clear any of his concepts, they can chat with another student via WhatsApp or FB Kids Messenger. With the help of social media tools, communication with the teacher or tutor can also be improved. Social media promotes learning in this way today.

  • Researching online

Various websites and social media networks are loaded with plenty of information that can be helpful to students. Social media also contains some important links that can divert the student to informational websites. Apart from music and games, the students can find answers to their questions, for example via student FB groups or student blogs. There are various websites that will help the students to prepare for important lessons and learn the concepts with great efficacy. Also, the websites will always contain the latest data on the subjects and thus, the students have the opportunity to survey and look into what is new. Social media is a Wikipedia for students these days.

  • Improved literacy and reading skills

Usually, it is observed that students are bored of reading and writing but the internet and social media platforms provide plenty of information online that the student is inclined to read more as it’s more relevant to them. Various messages, comments, news and pieces of articles provide an endless list of information and the students are ready to devote their time and put some extra efforts towards learning.

This activity contributes to the overall learning of the child and the child eventually develops a strong reading habit resulting in a drastic improvement in his or her communication and reading abilities.

  • Online learning opportunities

Another great advantage of social media in education is the distance learning opportunities. There are many unfortunate students who are not able to acquire formal education by attending regular classes. With the help of various online tools such as Skype, along with social media, the modern educators can teach and communicate with learners worldwide via the web. Soon, this will be an inseparable part of our education system.

That being said, the role of social media in education is indefatigable. With the insurmountable use of Wikipedia in education and other opportunities for voice call and video calls, social media will prove to be highly effective in improving the academics of students, if they’re used safely and responsibly. Learn more about E-safety on our UK Education Blog.

Author bio:

Manuela Willbold is an early years professional, content writer and blogger. She regularly writes about the latest developments in education and for digital marketing agency ClickDo in London.