Exam Preparation Tips

Getting Certification is a cherished vision for every person, who desires to be recognized as a certified professional in the IT industry. Industry experts advocate going for more and more certifications these days. More the number of certifications you have, the more value you add to your organization.

Accuplacer tests comprise four kinds of placement tests that are composed of thirteen multiple-choice type questions, summary reports, math, and scoring of essays electronically. You will need to take Accuplacer tests when the courses you want to take have writing and math components, or when a lot of reading is needed. You will find a lot of test preparation materials, which will help you stand a better chance of success.

The timed test takes about three hours and a half, which includes any possible breaks. The English section, which has 75 questions, needs to be completed in 45 minutes. You will need to use 60 minutes to answer 60 math questions while the reading part, which has 40 questions, requires 35 minutes.

For multiple choice questions, be sure to read the question very carefully. Try to pick out the key words so you can be confident that you clearly understand what is being asked. The next step is to read each possible carefully and eliminate the ones that are obviously wrong. This process of elimination will help you narrow down your choices for each item, increasing the odds that you will chose the correct answer.

Before the clock starts ticking, you can ask for scrap paper. Only ask from the examiner lest you be accused of cheating early in the examination, which is a definite no-no. You can write down the formulas and the mnemonic aids you acquired during your online PMP exam preparation and readings of the PMBOK Guide.

The PMP Exam Preparation Software you choose should allow for unlimited access. You can set your own study pace because you do not have to worry about time running out on your software access. The worst you can probably subscribe to is the software with just 40 hours of access! You will be forced to cram just to get everything inside your head.

If you are traveling out of state to take your exam, please arrive a couple of days before the exam and leave a day or two after. You do not want to be running to the hospital on the first day, or hurrying through your last PCS to run to the airport on the third day!

Some people slack off after passing the first exams. Do not do that, always prepare for your exam as if it was the most important one you had to take for that semester. You will get into the habit of preparing for exams, which will become easier.

Many online certification training centers will tell you to relax, use flash cards to prepare, review your material the day before the exam and to think positive about passing. Memorization of all your material is not the most logical choice for exam preparation. If you have a book that is eight hundred pages long and five hundred practice exam questions then you would be foolish to try to memorize all of this material or even part of it.