Video Games Are Even My Marriage Counselor

That angry teen in the corner of the convenient store playing Mortal Kombat, the one who smiles as she rips the skull out of her opponent and holds it up for everyone to see. That girl was me. Every quarter I could plug into that machine, went in. Hours of making sure my score was close to the top. I was happy just to have it on the screen. Boys were silly creatures I beat over and over again the second my quarter hit the slot.

No one complained, I was after all the underdog just because I was a girl. I had a few friends I would hang out with. One of them brought Robert into the group. Robert was a scrawny older boy, who used to manage a local arcade. I didn’t know that the first time he hit me with a K.O., then again, and again and he soon replaced my name on the scoreboard. The challenge became not keeping my name on the scoreboard but beating him, even once.

He and I would meet on a Friday night and play for hours. I was so addicted to beating him, I didn’t realize he was paying for most of the play time, or the drinks. I was so focused on the game it took me weeks to realize I was having a relationship with this guy beating me at my favorite game. I was so tied up in the competition that I was clueless to the fact we were dating until I came down sick with bronchitis, I was ordered to rest at home for nearly two weeks. When Robert found out through one of our friends he brought his game system and a new copy of the game over to my house. We played most of the evening. That made the weekly dates move home. He got to the point he would leave the game system and I would play during the week to improve my chance of beating him. We did start doing other things. We would go to the movies, or races, when he’d bring me home we’d play a few rounds. We couldn’t start or end a date without some game time it was unheard of until people saw how good these growtopia cheats actually are.

I got to the point I was a fair match and we learned it was a great way to settle an argument. We got married a few years later, still playing games frequently. We were given a new game system as a wedding gift. We’ve bought every new copy of MK that has ever released just out of sentiment. We have moved into RPG games more and more as graphics get better and bigger. Games like WOW and Dungeon Hunter fill up the spare time we find. Many of the games we play being beaten within a few hours. We have been known to send the kids to the park with family so we could have a few lone hours of game time. After 18 years together, it works for us, we are bound by our love, our addiction to video games.

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