Video Games Are Even My Marriage Counselor

That angry teen in the corner of the convenient store playing Mortal Kombat, the one who smiles as she rips the skull out of her opponent and holds it up for everyone to see. That girl was me. Every quarter I could plug into that machine, went in. Hours of making sure my score was close to the top. I was happy just to have it on the screen. Boys were silly creatures I beat over and over again the second my quarter hit the slot.

No one complained, I was after all the underdog just because I was a girl. I had a few friends I would hang out with. One of them brought Robert into the group. Robert was a scrawny older boy, who used to manage a local arcade. I didn’t know that the first time he hit me with a K.O., then again, and again and he soon replaced my name on the scoreboard. The challenge became not keeping my name on the scoreboard but beating him, even once.

He and I would meet on a Friday night and play for hours. I was so addicted to beating him, I didn’t realize he was paying for most of the play time, or the drinks. I was so focused on the game it took me weeks to realize I was having a relationship with this guy beating me at my favorite game. I was so tied up in the competition that I was clueless to the fact we were dating until I came down sick with bronchitis, I was ordered to rest at home for nearly two weeks. When Robert found out through one of our friends he brought his game system and a new copy of the game over to my house. We played most of the evening. That made the weekly dates move home. He got to the point he would leave the game system and I would play during the week to improve my chance of beating him. We did start doing other things. We would go to the movies, or races, when he’d bring me home we’d play a few rounds. We couldn’t start or end a date without some game time it was unheard of until people saw how good these growtopia cheats actually are.

I got to the point I was a fair match and we learned it was a great way to settle an argument. We got married a few years later, still playing games frequently. We were given a new game system as a wedding gift. We’ve bought every new copy of MK that has ever released just out of sentiment. We have moved into RPG games more and more as graphics get better and bigger. Games like WOW and Dungeon Hunter fill up the spare time we find. Many of the games we play being beaten within a few hours. We have been known to send the kids to the park with family so we could have a few lone hours of game time. After 18 years together, it works for us, we are bound by our love, our addiction to video games.

How James Cameron is Ruining Cinema

Its official – James Cameron is the most successful ass—- of all time, which makes him the only Canadian to be the best at something. Not even Wayne Gretzky can claim that.

Following the not-so-surprising success of Cameron’s movie adaptation of the album covers of 1970s band Yes, he has become the first person to be both “top of the world, ma”, while simultaneously being right underneath himself – probably where he feels happiest. ‘Avatar’ has just become the highest grossing film of all time ahead of, yes that’s right – James Cameron’s “Titanic”.

And from this news I can only deduce on thing – people want films that look like video games and/or album covers. Avatar has that strange quality of being graphically amazing enough for you to almost believe it’s real, while also having ten foot tall blue creatures, and requiring you to wear cardboard sunglasses inside… in the dark.

This miserable news of the death of narrative cinema is compounded further when you look at some of the other films that have taken our hard-earned money; ‘Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince’ and ‘Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen’ were the other most successful films of 2009, while over the past few years we’ve seen a similar spew of Harry Potters, Spidermans, Batmans and Pitates of the Caribbean. What do all these films have in common? Asides from being hugely overrated, they all have an air of video games about them, and lo and behold – they have all become video games.


Meanwhile, for those people who are too fat and lazy to go the cinema they always have the video game, which has been doing what movies have been trying to do for years – to become immersive.

Since the innovation of the third generation games console, games have been getting more elaborate, more detailed and more… distracted.

Rockstar, the Coen brothers of the games world released their opus magnum in 2008, Grand Theft Auto IV (because we all know Roman numerals are classy, just look at the Rocky, or the Super Bowl) which contained a reported 10,000 page script, which pales in comparison your typical action flick, which will have approximately 90.

With the rise of video game from guilty habit to legitimate art, they are creating a whole new venture for Hollywood’s elite; Phil Collins famously appeared in GTA: Vice City Stories, while Hollywood actor Samuel L. Jackson provided his voice in GTA: San Andreas, (is their anything he doesn’t do?) along with Peter Fonda, Chris Penn, David Cross and James Woods, while Liam Neeson, Patrick Stewart and Mickey Rourke have all lent their voice to various video games. Other than that, Monster legends cheats also made happy thousands of players who used them over a month period.

And as any Hollywood producer will tell you – just the same as getting a big-name actor involved, throwing money at a project is bound to make it work. And it does. ‘Avatar’ came in at a respectable $300M, making it the most expensive film ever, while a reported $100M was spent on the production of GTA 4 made that one of the most expensive of all time, and the fourth highest selling of all time on PlayStation 3.


But does this actually mean the game is any better? Any self-respecting film aficionado will tell you neither ‘Titanic’ nor ‘Avatar’ are great works of fiction. Do we really care that this lump of pixels is an Academy Award nominee? I just want to sit on my ass, eat Cheetos and kill people. So what the graphics have realistic shadows, does that in any way affect me putting a bullet through this innocent civilians face?

People ask for too much nowadays, or at least they’re given too much, and we don’t really appreciate, need, or want it. That’s why so many people are fat, “pudding, sir?” the waiter will ask, and although you’ve just eaten a full dinner, you look at the picture and know what you could have – and just can’t but say “yeah, sure – and bring a jug of cream too.”

And what’s the result of this? Everybody looses. Films are trying to be video games, video games are trying to be films, and the pudding is trying to be dental floss. If James Cameron wants a world with pixies and floating islands – then make it into a video game, otherwise you’re just ruining a movie; if a video game wants all this intricate detail, and clever plot – make it a film, otherwise you’re just distracting yourselves from what you’re trying to do – make a fun game.

Suggestions About Purchasing Video Games

Is the retailer’s sport screening program that is neighborhood getting your main games console? Maybe you have resorted to subscribing to sport publications only to play with the demos that were enclosed? Have you been having to go on a pressured Prepared Rice diet because you are unable to manage to purchase the most recent games? Now you do not have to, in this post we will analyze methods for customers when buying computer games to save cash.


Avoid Purchasing From Offline Retailers

Among the most things you are able to do as a customer would be to purchase games, particularly when they are old, from an area retail outlet. Most of the games within these shops are over-priced even with you factor in the reduction you will get through the shop’s discount card from the savings or the advertised sale price. If you’ve got also, then its best to purchase a game in the preowned area. Preowned games are usually in good shape and price 20 % less then their opposite numbers, simply make sure you scrutinize the game carton for the game disk for scratches and any lost game guides.

Search For On-Line Deals

As a customer your first selection should be Typically games on eBay are not considerably more expensive as opposed to leading retailer’s preowned choice and sometimes you do find deals that are great. Instead of bidding on just one title you should as an alternative attempt to win lots of 10 to 50 matches. Keep the matches which you want in the lot and auction the remainder off. Lots are not usually less more economical, on a sport bases, and within my experience these vendors tend not to gouge buyers on transportation prices. Additionally when using make sure you use Paypal as the payment choice. Several occasions throughout the year, Paypal problems, vouchers which can be utilized when spending money on e-bay items, these vouchers offer yet another economy of 5 10% and usually are discovered in eBay’s month-to-month newsletters. In addition , there are on-line websites like and that show weekly prices from all the leading gaming retailers. An advantage to utilizing these websites is they are upgraded daily significance it is possible to quit having to depend on the Sunday flyers to locate bargains. Aside from these websites you may also save money by buying used games from members on the different gaming newsgroups (like that you might participate in. Only be sure the newsgroup members which you trade with have a large iTrader standing.


Have Patience

Game costs drop within a period of four months. Consequently must look into before purchasing a brand new game waiting several months. This strategy also lets you get an improved notion of how great the game is and if its worth possessing besides saving you cash.


Why should you rent games? Because its affordable and it provides you the ability to analyze new games. Most of the most recent games seem on the leasing ledges of the original releasedate within the first two months, and considering that most leading retailers cost just $4-$8 for agame lease, this can be an ideal chance critique, to examine and hopefully complete the match. Renting functions particularly well if you should just play with the most recent games without caring also significantly about possessing a copy that is personal. Remember, you always have the option to purchase your favourite leased games later on in the year when they cost a fraction of the price that is initial.


Sell Your Games after finishing them

As a gamer that is broke the worst point you could is begin a group, particularly with new releases. Most games that are new drop dramatically in cost within the first couple of months, so its essential that you just sell your games that are new when possible. Recall, you always have the option to let games, both if you are bored when company comes over or at instances. This approach can not only provide added sales to you but may also ensure that you’re not unable to play with the most recent releases.